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Selected Thursdays 8-12 and 1-5


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Abilene New Patients

Before becoming a patient at Alexander Clinic, you must first have some lab work done. This workup includes a General Health Profile (CBC, TSH, Lipid Profile, and a CMP.) You must be fasting a minimum of 12 hours prior to the lab work. Black coffee, water, or unsweetened tea is allowed. Take any medications that you are prescribed. We need the lab results in our office before your appointment. If you have had these tests within the last 6 months, we can accept those. You are responsible for the costs of your lab work. We have found that Endocrinology Associates Laboratory located at 2125 Pine St., is the least expensive in town. You do not need an appointment for the lab, and they are open Monday-Thursday 7:00-12:15 & 12:45-5:00.  Closed on Friday. We see patients on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It takes at least 3 hours to get the results of your lab, so you can schedule to do both on the same day if you have an afternoon appointment here. It will depend upon when you are able to have your lab work done as to how soon we can get you in to see the doctor.

We do not file insurance as most do not pay for weight loss. You will be provided a detailed receipt that can be used to file on your insurance for reimbursement directly to you if you so desire. Our services are covered by FLEX reimbursement plans and your FLEX card is welcomed here.


All visits are cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Flex Benefit cards are also accepted.  The fee for your first visit is $200.00, which includes your initial consultation and your choice of a Lipotropic injection, a bottle of Multiplex vitamins or a bottle of ChromeMate. Any additional supplements or injections are extra. After making your appointment, you can download the information from our website or you may come by our office and pick it up. There will be detailed information, a lab request, and a personal history sheet.


Follow up visits are $75.00 every 28 days. This will include the issuing of your prescription (not medication cost) and personal maintenance for the next 28 days.

On your first visit, you will see an instructional video presented by Dr. Alexander to acquaint you with the program. You will then be weighed, measured, have a body fat analysis done, and your blood pressure taken. Dr. Alexander will go over your lab results and personal history sheet and then be in to discuss the best way for you to begin your weight loss. You will be given a prescription for helping control your appetite. The prescription will be for 28 days, at which time you will return for you follow up appointment. You will be weighed, measured, have your blood pressure taken, and see the doctor at each visit. You will not be put on a strict diet or have supplements that you have to buy, although some are available here. Dr. Alexander wants you to set up proper eating habits, including portion control at three meals a day, something that you will be able to maintain once you lose your unwanted weight.


Feel free to give us a call at 325-672-7772.

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